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Archive updates

Chapter 1 is now in the archive and chapter 7 has been updated. For those of you who are curious about Phaeton’s origins, there is a short text prologue available in the archive menu

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Just some stuff

Just letting you guys know that I’ve updated a few things.

1. The comic archive for chapter 7 is complete and chapter 8′s has been started and is up to date.
2. The gallery has been updated and cleaned up a bit. There’s also a new section. A few pieces up now haven’t been posted elsewhere and won’t be for a while, so you’re getting a sneak peak.
New art! (stuff that hasn’t been seen before):
Dark Sailorphaeton
Leaping Phaeton
Toxotes the ferret
Map of Phaeton
Sailorphaeton’s crystal

3. There are some panels coming up that will feature characters that aren’t min. I’ll be linking you to their sites/galleries when they show up.
4. My updates are finished up until next Wednesday at this point, so we won’t have another dry spell.
5. Tomorrow’s update is special.

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Sorry Everyone

Sorry about the lack of updates last week. I realized on Tuesday that I hadn’t done one for Monday and was so busy all week that I didn’t get the chance to make any panels. So, this week we’ll do double updates so that you don’t miss anything.

In the meantime, check out the galleries for new content. I’m also updating some of the images with cleaner versions in the Traditional Art gallery. So keep an eye out for that and, as always, let me know if something is broken.

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