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Chapter 1 is now in the archive and chapter 7 has been updated. For those of you who are curious about Phaeton’s origins, there is a short text prologue available in the archive menu

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Ok, here’s the thing. I really, really want to be working on my comics, art trades, and personal art, but I can’t right now. Some of you might know that I’m working on a massive dolling making project for the local elementary school. I have 100 doll bodies to make, sew clothing, and cut out hair for. I have 13 days left.

64 made (27 left to stuff)
36 needing to be cut out and sewn and stuffed
Clothes made: none
Hair done: none

So yeah, I have to take a break until I’m done these. I’m really sorry guys.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!