I occasionally like to make gifts of art for my friends in the Sailormoon community. This page is both a shameless plug of my art and free advertising for my friends. This page will be updated as I upload more things.

Gift art for Sakky
Sakky has become a great friend of mine as well as an inspiration (to me and others). Frankly, Phaeton likely wouldn’t exist without her. I love to pick on poor little Astera quite often (as my Omake page will tell you).
Super Phaeton and Astera For Sakky’s birthday
Return of Astera logo
RoA logo done like the SoP logo
Flames of Burden logo
FoB logo done like the SoP logo
I swearz

For Lorelei
Ah Lei-chan. The pixel queen. I also count her as a good friend.
Lorelei’s birthday gift

For Jateshi
Jateshi has also been a friend and inspiration. She helps me out quite often with art.
Sailor Nete and Sailoreridanos

For Deianera
My newest sister site.