Hinome no Knight

Hinome no Knight

Senshi Name: Hinome no Knight
Translation:The Sunlight Knight
Senshi Title:
Introduction Speech:
Planet: Sun
Symbol: sun symbol
Aura Color: orange-red
Colors: white, blue, orange-red
Type of Character In Battle:
Weapons: unknown

Fuku Design: He wears a white tuxedo, black mask, black shirt, black shoes and gloves, and a white cape held onto the tux with silver buttons. The cape is lined with dark blue fabric. He also wears a white top had with a blue band around it. He also has a pair of white spats covering his shoes.
Senshi Personality:

Henshin Phrase: unknown
Henshin Item: unknown
Henshin Sequence: unknown
Origin of Power/Influence: sun
Elemental strengths: unknown
Elemental weaknesses: unknown

Sonic Vibrations

Eternal Light Waves