Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make all these sprites yourself?
No, actually. Some are pre-existing sprites from the ‘Sailormoon: Another Story’ video game, such as the sprites of Haruka, Michiru, Ami, and Usagi. That’s also where I get all the scenery and most of the items you’ve seen me use. Other sprites have been modified from those sprites such as the Juuban school uniforms for Minako and Makoto as well as Tokeisou’s apartment. Those two groups constitute about half of the sprites I use. The rest are made from scratch. Most of Sailorphaeton’s sprites are hand made. A few have been modified from existing sprites, but mostly from scratch given the things I need her to be doing in any given panel.

Where do you get your sprite bases from?
Most of the bases I use were gotten from Azha: The Hatching Place as Kri makes such amazing bases, but I’ve also had to create several custom bases to fill my needs. Those bases are, incidentally, modified from his bases, so…

Does it help to have sprites ahead of time?
Yes, yes it does. It saves me a great deal of time. I tend to plan the comic ahead of time and make what I need before I start working on any given scene. I have had times where I’ve had to stop and make a couple sprites that I didn’t think to make or that I didn’t plan on needing. But that happens.

Can I use your custom sprites?
Uh…I’d prefer that you not, especially without talking to me first. You’re welcome to drop me a line at purenightshade (at) gmail dot com and ask directly.

If you want to use the custom bases, I have those up at Strawberries and Cream. Just give credit for those.

What is your fanart policy?
For recieving fan art, you can e-mail me a link to it at purenightshade (at) gmail dot com, or you can note me on DA, SA, or even on the Tower of Time. I love fan art and I will post everything I get on here.
I do not do fanart for other people by request anymore. Well, I do, but you have to find out where for yourself. I’m not going to tell you.

Can I use Phaeton in my own fic?
No. She’s mine. If you want to do a crossover with her and your own senshi, talk to me first. I’m generally open to that, but I’m also very protective of my baby (I’m protective of all of my characters, but since she’s the only one here at the moment…).