Story: ‘Shards of Phaeton’ is a story of the senshi of the long lost planet of Phaeton. The story follows her first face to face encounter with the Sol Senshi and her struggle to defeat the Red Queen and regain her identity. Along the way, new senshi are found, ones who seem to know things about her past.

Medium: It is a sprite comic made using sprites and scenery from the video game ‘Sailormoon: Another Story’ that I have ripped and edited myself. The modified sprites have largely come from Lycentia’s SM Graphics. Also used are sprite bases created by Chronomorphosis. A few of the bases I’ve made myself and are available for use at Strawberries and Cream.

Updates: This comic will now update three panels on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Author/creator: Melissa Stone/Purenightshade

Contact: You are welcome to leave comments on the site (as I check very regularly for such things) or you’re always welcome to drop me a line at purenightshade [at] gmail [dot] com. I can also be reach on MSN using that e-mail address or on AIM at TenraiSoyokaze. I’m on Twitter and deviantArt as purenightshade as well.