The scenery for ‘SoP’ comes to us from the video game ‘Sailormoon: Another Story’. I have ripped it myself and in some cases even edited it to suit my needs, such as Tokeisou’s apartment and the front of the Juuban school. In the game, it has the character for middle (part of the name for juinior high) over the front door. You probably can’t tell, but I changed it for the character from high school. Other pieces of scenery will show up as the comic progresses.

Many of the sprites I’m using are modified from sprites that have come from Lycentia’s SM Graphics. Other sprites were made using sprite bases from Azha: The Hatching Place

The star brush used in the layout can be found here.

My layout image was made using a blank by Lorelei.

Many thanks to DragonRhapsody and Shadowrose for pointing out spelling errors. Also, thanks to Sakura for helping me with the ideas for this comic and helping me flesh out a few concepts. Much love to you ladies!

The base pixels for Pawn Iris’s ‘Rainbow Mist’ attack came from Final Fantasy 4. I just edited the colors to reflect my needs.

Thanks to Dubird’s CSS tutorial for helping me with adding style sheets to this page. All but two tags came from her site The remaining two tags came from here.