Most villainous villain contest

There have been a lot of ‘idol’ contests going around on the Tower of Time and on deviantArt. Because I don’t have a subscription, voting will take place on the Shards of Phaeton website.

The idea:
Like all the other idol contests, you submit a villain from a Sailormoon fanfic that you yourself have created. If accepted into successive rounds, you will draw images of this villain that fit the theme of that round. The image you submit for the qualifying round does not have to be drawn for that round, but all the other rounds must be new art.

1. The character you submit must be a part of a story you’ve at least started.
2. It must be your own creation.
3. Male, female, genderless, humanoid, or animal. Matters not.
4. I’d prefer to keep this as family friendly as possible. I don’t mind maure subject matter, but those who are underage may be participating in or voting in this contest and if they can’t look at your image (due to content), they likely can’t vote for you. Make sense?
5. Please, properly credit your images. I get chewed on enough for that. Don’t want that to spread to any of you.
6. Have fun!

To submit an entry, you need to fill out the following form. You can PM me on the Tower of Time, note me on dA, or just e-mail it to purenightshade at gmail dot com (or even go to the website and comment on the blog entry).

Your name:
Villain’s name:
Website (if applicable, a dA gallery is acceptable)

You can use a pre-existing image to enter with. I must be created by you. I will accept dolls if they are large enough that I can make out the details.

All entries need to be in by August 31.

And now for the good stuff. Prizes! If you want to donate prizes, by all means feel free to.
First Prize Two custom plushies by me
Second Prize One custom plushie
Third Prize A fully CGed image
Participation Digitally drawn, full colour chibi image

As well, participants can receive previews of upcoming SoP updates.

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